What does Geometry and Sound have in common?

Placing mathematics and music in the same sentence might sound sacrilegious to some. And yet the frequencies of sound are delineated by discreet numbers. And the more specific one gets, the closer to Balance and Harmony one becomes. Alignment with Universal Principles, as informed by sacred geometry, allows one to swim with the current instead of against it.

"As Above, So Below"

This statement reveals one of the most important aspects of sacred geometry: that the large patterns of the universe can be found in the smallest manifestations: and numbers are the key!

"During this time of great change, upheaval and chaos at every corner of existence, we have been given the gift of sound and frequency aligned with the Great Cosmological Patterns. Listening to and aligning with these frequencies will place us back into Balance and Harmony with the Universe."

Mark Torgeson

Music of the Spheres:

I've heard of it - but what is it?

There is a common misperception that Heavenly Music, or Music of the Spheres, is limited to exalted states of consciousness and that Angels are the preferred purveyors of these ethereal tunes. But in reality this music and transcendent sound is available today! There are a few key ingredients which make this celestial soup:

  1. Correct Frequency
  2. Performer Alignment
  3. High Intention

The keys to creating sublime music and sound which is uplifting and creates an environment of harmony have been close at hand since the beginning of time. They are found in the plants, animals and mineral kingdoms. They are also available to those who have delved into the Mysteries and found connection with the divine.

In this training we will explore the very building blocks of creation, a discovery the Greek Geometer Pythagorus made over 2500 years ago. It comes in the form of the Platonic Solids.

There are only five geometries that fit into this category, and they represent the Five Elements including ether. They inform us of the Original Intent. Listening to and feeling the vibration of the frequencies they point us to will entrain one to the purity and perfection of Creation itself!

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Lunar Eclipse Music - Angel Harp

"There is Geometry in the Humming of the Strings,

There is Music in the Spacing of the Spheres."

- Pythagorus

What You Will Learn

What Is Sacred Geometry?

  • Sacred Geometry is present in EVERY 3D manifestation
  • Definition of As Above, So Below
  • Orders of Magnitude
  • Cosmic Equivalents

The Mathematics of Sound

  • The Geometry of Nature
  • The Mathematics of Sound Frequencies
  • Harmonics and Overtones
  • Hearing and Feeling

The Platonic Solids

  • Cosmic Building Blocks of the Universe
  • Representatives of the Elements
  • Blueprints for Manifestation
  • Geometry of Platonic Solids

Frequencies of Healing

  • Standards of Tuning
  • 432 Hz vs 440 Hz
  • 532 Hz: The New Earth Matrix
  • Rife Frequencies

Transformational Frequencies

  • What specifically are they?
  • How do I use them?
  • Why are they Important?
  • What affect will they have?

What You Will Receive

  • Three instructional videos explaining relationships between Sacred Geometry, Sound, and Music

  • Handouts of the specific frequencies which can help keep you in alignment with Universal constants!

  • Downloadable Soundfiles - including full length abums - recorded in 432 Hz, 532 Hz, Platonic Solids frequencies (Sacred Geometry) recorded on Angel Harp, Keyboards, Gong and Didgeridoo. These soundtracks can be used to calm the nervous system, entrain one to deep states of peace, and enter the zero point in meditation - See Listings Below

Soundfile Downloads You'll Get

Activating Light Codes album

Tuned to 432 Hz, effecting a more expansive energetic state. Music from the event Activating Light Codes. Designed to awaken dormant codes within for a more fully online light body.

Deep Immersion Into Oneness

Album: employing Frequency 532 Hz, the new earth grid vibration, to instill a gentle and beautiful flowing of celestial energies. Use this music to travel deep within, beyond the realm of thought and feeling, into the core of creation.

Circle of Light I album

This is the first of four Circles of Light, live events by Carol Fitzpatrick with Music by Mark Torgeson. They carry the frequencies of transcendence - and Joy! This one is the musical activation: Activating Awareness

Global Ascension Meditation

The Vibration of 444 is predominant in this piece. Music for the Global Peace Meditation, recorded on 444, 4 April2020. Use for meditation, shifting and expanding consciousness.

Cosmic Chord soundtrack

Created using frequencies derived from the Platonic Solids. Synthesizer, didgeridoo; and Angel Harp by Carol Fitzpatrick.

Lunar Eclipse 2021: Angel Harps

Features vintage Harps for Angels Mark has restored, and carry the vibration of: Fire and Air Elements: B - F# - Divine Interval Angelic Pentatonic: B - D# - E - F# - G#. Video and Soundtrack

Heavenly Mountain Recording

Live Recording at Heavenly Mountain Activation and Retreat, Boone NC November 2020. Mark Torgeson, gong and didgeridoo; Carol Fitzpatrick, monochord. All instruments in F#, key of the Cosmic Chord.

Summer Solstice 2021 video

Performed on the Summer

Solstice to capture the heightened frequencies.

Tunings: Fire Element/ Tetrahedron: B - F#

Cosmic Chord: F# - A# - C# - G#

Fairy Pentatonic: F# - B - C# - D# - E

Fairy Tuning

Fairy Tuning is an unusual combination of chord tones based on Platonic frequencies which give a lilty song quality of movement and gaiety - and capture the creative essence of our Elemental Allies!

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Heavenly Mountain - Gong, Didgeridoo, Angel Harp

"If you Wish to Understand the Universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

-Nikola Tesla

About Mark

Music and Sound have played a central focus in Mark's life for a lot of years. In his early life Mark played many stringed instruments: guitar, piano, mandolin. In high school he made a unique instrument which was a melding of guitar and mandolin - he called it a gandolin. He went on to study violin, play french horn in the orchestra and take a degree in music. He taught music, worked in the Human Services as a counselor, and managed a thirty year career in the Healing Arts. All the while he composed, recorded and produced over 30 albums of transformational sound. In the last 15 years he has been involved in Sound Healing, creating his own training with a focus on altered states of consciousness. Most recently he has taken up the Angel Harp in a natural progression which embraces cosmic principles and a beautiful high vibrational modality aligned with the celestial realms. Mark delights in sharing his love of sound and music - especially in relation to elevating one's vibrational rate. Join him as he explores and unveils the singularly unique sonorities and frequencies of the Sacred Geometries!

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Cosmic Chord

What They're Saying...

"Absolutely beautiful and angelical Mark, thank you again for bringing pieces of heaven to our lives."
- Eugenio P.

"The resonance is amazing"
- Terry B.

"Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these vibrations."
- Julian D.

"If I may add..... the music that Mark played resonated at a deep, energetic level. In fact, after the first few notes, it no longer sounded like "music" but rather like soft, whispering voices that surrounded my upper chakras. I was able to understand what was being whispered and even intonated vocal tones in response. Quite a phenomenal interplay! I sensed that the "whispering" in the upper chakras pulled the dense energy from the lower chakras upward to resonate at a faster frequency - diffusing it and leaving the lower chakras empty (of sludge) and lighter. It was refreshing. Thank you and Mark for that!"
-Susan B.

- Vicky P.

"The Angel Harp is a gift to fine tune our body's vibrations...activated first, slowly vibrating through the body, feeling love and peaceful joyous results...the Frequency of the New Earth."
- Claire W.

"The 432 took me to a place of vibration so high I opened my eyes to see if my chair had moved. It had not and I was able to get back in the flow once I closed my eyes again. The energy was moving extremely fast yet I was perfectly still. Really hard to describe the sensation. Thank you so much."
- Donna D.

Angel Harp with Platonic Solids Fairy Tuning

The Package: What You Will Get

3 Instructional Videos on Sacred Geometry and Healing Sound

Numerous Downloadable Healing Music files, including full length albums of Music of Transformation

PDF handouts on specific frequencies of the Platonic Solids, the New Earth Matrix, and 432

Detailed explanations of the Platonic Solids Frequencies and how to use them for Centering and in your Healing Practice

Lifetime Access!

Start Learning, Listening, and Using Universal Frequencies!

Note: this course begins July 31

At that time you will have full lifetime access to all materials!

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Into the Zero Point: Whales, Didgeridoo, Angel Harp